The Future is Wireless

A Java API for unifying ad-hoc Wifi networking

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Project Description

Our goal is to complete the Android API for Ad-hoc networking and to create an integrity check file that will verify that the API is properly installed. API will allow easy connectivity between all main operating systems(Android, Mac OS, Windows, Linux). Currently, no unified API for Ad-Hoc networking exists, which creates a serious deficiency in what can be done for users that are not in only one ecosystem. The unifying nature of the Java API will allow for easy cross-platform communication. This will enable easier transfer of files and other information between devices, which will be convenient for their users. Ad-hoc networks will also allow different devices to connect to each other. This can allow users to give each other internet access, to create a distributed network or even form an intranet without being limited by what physical devices users have.

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Marius Silaghi


Harris Center For Science & Engineering


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